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My name is Emily. I am a visual artist, writer, as well as book and cat devotee (Only when every home on earth is filled with over-sized felines will my quest end). I feel that art and literature offer an introspective passage into the lives of other beings. I believe in human equality; until our society can learn to accept all of her people, we will continue to face social discordance and impending disaster.

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As a gay man I do not understand transgender.












And I’d rather not learn. 

It’s not something someone needs to explain. 

It happens…

But I still don’t get it.

And I can almost guarantee that I for one will not be a supporter for “Trans Rights” 

What the fuck is special about you? 

You rock, Gabriel! :P

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    It’s always great when you see opposition from people who are usually on the same side.
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    dandy if you’re gay....that doesn’t give you carte blanche
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    Notice how he’s single? B| shit personalities come in all flavors...most people aren’t...
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    Dear OP Dude… That’s like me saying “As a Bisexual girl I don’t really care about the rights of gay men” What’s so...
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    “What the fuck is special about you?” “I for one will not be a supporter for “Trans Rights”” As a gay, transgender male,...
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    Perhaps you don’t understand. Perhaps you don’t want to learn to. But you know what? In some cultures, you’d be...
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    *sigh* -____- Sometimes, I just feel so disheartened at the human race. I don’t know if this is troll or not, but I’ve...
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    It’s always more painful for me when people who experience oppression do it to others.
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    what the fuck, op?